What Are the Characteristics of New Victor Tube Mill Production Line?

What Are the Characteristics of New Victor Tube Mill Production Line?

New Victor provides customers with more durable, more precise, higher-speed, high-frequency welded pipe units, with high-strength optimized design, strict material selection, heat treatment process, high-precision machining, fine assembly, perfect and meticulous service, etc. The specific features are as follows.

Overall tempering of forming and sizing host (holding time ≥ 4 hours)

The main machine insists on adopting a more stable and solid whole plate design welding structure, and the return water tank around the circle is fully welded before annealing. It still insists on “welding the main machine table and welding structural parts must be tempered as a whole after welding.” , and tempering 580 ° C ± 30 ° C holding time ≥ 4 hours to eliminate residual welding deformation stress “long-term stable unit.

CNC machined, fast-positioning and assembled host pedestal

The host pedestal is CNC-milled, after milling the reference keyway, and the CNC positioning bolt hole can realize “rapid positioning and installation of CNC machining parts”. Instead of relying on manual pulling wires and plugs, the host is assembled after finding the reference for the gasket, (trial assembly + positioning key spot welding and fixing).

Split & double-drag host

According to the simulation analysis of strip steel deformation and force, and the production requirements of high-precision welded pipes and even high-strength steel welded pipes, the host is optimized to use split & double-drag hosts (SIMO, or New Hengli’s Z4 DC drive motor, Guomao GUOMAO, or TaiLong TaiLong hard tooth surface gear high-efficiency reducer).

More powerful host drag unit

Adopt higher power Z4 type DC drive motor (small units can also use power-saving and easy-to-maintain variable frequency speed regulation motor), and choose ZLY type high-efficiency hardware with a larger base model with higher torque and higher safety factor. The tooth surface gear main reducer, the large-diameter and thick-walled unit can also design a special gear shifting speed reducer, or more drag motors, which can obtain higher production speed and wider product specifications with thickness-to-diameter ratio.

More stable main engine secondary transmission box

The secondary transmission boxes of the forming and sizing main engine are all designed with high modulus and high strength and are professionally produced by the gearbox factory. The interior of the transmission box is shot-blasted and painted, and imported oil seals are selected. Stable gear coupling connection, over 72 hours of constant speed dry running, test noise, and monitor the temperature rise of the bearing to fine-tune the assembly clearance

Safer Universal Coupling & Toothed Coupling

The transmission connection is equipped with a universal coupling for heavy-duty vehicles with a larger torque and a higher safety factor, and a high-torque toothed coupling is used between the gearboxes coupling drive.

Configure a larger number of roll stands to adapt to the production of a wider range of welded pipe products

By analyzing the deformation and stress of different materials and specifications of steel strips, configure more roll stands and roll molds to facilitate more stable deformation of different materials and specifications of steel strips and adapt to the production of a wider range of welded pipe products, and obtain high-quality welding and high-precision external dimensions.

Heavy-duty design, high-strength anti-bending flat roller frame with multi-row bearing load

The bearing type used in the design of the flat roller shaft is not only 1 to 2 larger than many manufacturers, but also the front flat roller frame adopts the heavy-duty design with 3~4 rows of bearings side by side, not 2 rows + spacer type, the end cover of front and rear bearings are designed with grease filler nozzle and oil seal protection, the vertical roller frame and Turkish bearings are equipped with 2 or 3 series of heavy-duty bearings, and the bearings are made of Ha, Wa and Luo Chinese famous brand products.

CNC machining, any interchangeable parts

The closed-end design of the sliding block of the flat roller stand and the CNC numerical control fine machining not only improve the bending strength of the driving flat roller, but also the CNC machining of the roller stand can realize the arbitrary interchangeability of parts assembly.

Flat and vertical roller frame protection

Both the horizontal and vertical roller frames of the main engine are made of copper alloy for shock absorption, protection and anti-corrosion.

Standard flat roll ground weld seam

After welding and deburring, a flat roll grinding weld is used instead of a simplified standing roll holder.

Main machine roller shaft material, heat treatment

All the roll frames of the welding machine (flat rolls, vertical rolls, seam guide rolls, squeeze rolls, and Turkish head straightening rolls) are made of 42CrMo, after quenching and tempering, high-frequency quenching, and fine grinding

Fume extraction in the welding area

The welding area is designed with oil fume and water vapor drawn out from the cover to make the unit site cleaner.

Safety protection of the unit

The forming & sizing hosts are all designed with safety covers of universal couplings, making the operation of the unit safer.

Newly designed quick change unit

Newly developed and designed a device system in which all the couplings of the main engine can be quickly disengaged & quickly located, to realize the offline preparation of the double-set vertical roller frame system for small and medium-sized units, quick change of the mold online, and the large unit can quickly change molds online, which greatly shortens the mold changing time and reduces the labor intensity of mold changing.

It is recommended to use the strip steel automatic shearing-butt welding machine

PLC control frequency conversion speed regulation, gas protection automatic gun movement butt welding strip head and tail, the obtained weld seam is flat, no need for manual grinding.

Newly designed horizontal spiral looper

Frequency conversion speed regulation is used instead of low-efficiency excitation speed regulation, and GUOMAO self-lubricating PV type hard-tooth surface reducer with self-lubricating circulating oil pump is used to replace the worm gear reducer for heavy-duty transmission of the looper, which greatly improves the mechanical transmission efficiency.

Newly designed high-speed hot-cut flying saw

High-precision, high-torque AC servo motor is used to drive the trolley, and the cutting spindle adopts NSK high-speed bearings. Not only the low-inertia trolley can be easily pushed by people, but also the middle-mounted gear and rack drive improve the stability of high-speed operation.

It is recommended to use the full servo control cold-cut flying saw

High-speed steel cold saw blade, or carbide inlaid tooth cold saw blade to cut in 5 stages of speed, to achieve higher speed, safer, lower noise, cutting edge burr-free stable high-speed round-trip operation cutting.

It is recommended to use the newly designed double-sided blanking frame

Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation transmission frame, stepping feeder 180°rotating double-sided blanking.

The bearing blocks are all designed with grease injection ports

The bearing blocks of all other parts of the unit are equipped with stainless steel grease injection ports, which is conducive to long-term operation and maintenance.

High-precision, durable rolls

COPRA software optimization design, strict material selection and strict quenching & tempering heat treatment process ensure high precision, high wear resistance and long service life of the roll.

Energy-saving and efficient solid-state high-frequency welding system.

Using the leading and mature solid-state high-frequency induction welding OR contact welding technology and equipment system, which can be more energy-saving and efficient.

Using high-quality standard parts, pneumatic components, and hydraulic components.

The units are pre-painted with anti-rust primer before top coating, and the top coating is 2 times.

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New Victor high-frequency welded tube mill production line can produce round, square, rectangular, oval and special shaped tubes. suitable for MS pipe, GI pipe, black pipe, high-strength steel pipe, etc The complete pipe mill line includes coil slitting machine, uncoiler, flattener, shear and end welding machine, coil accumlator, forming, HF welding, cooling section, sizing machine, flying saw cutting off equipment, straightening section, end facing machine, hydrostatic testing machine, stacking machine, strapping machine. If you are in need of different steel pipes, please do not hesitate to contact us.